Tipping etiquette expected and required in Indonesia

Tipping etiquette expected and required in Indonesia   tipping-etiquette-expected-and-required-in-indonesia

Let's be honest ; tipping is one of our frustrations when traveling. However , in some countries, tipping is part of culture and we're required not only to respect it but also to experience it as a whole. We can't simple pick out parts that we don't want.How about in indonesia ? Is tipping required ?

There are no written rules about tipping in indonesia.  But yes, sometimes people -  hotel bellboys , servers in restaurants, golf course  caddies, salon stylist , dive guide etc. do expect a tip, especially when the guest ( local or foreigner ) is considered rich.

And yes, many indonesians still assume that people from developed countries are rich, because even when they're not the currency exchange rate would make them 'rich ' while in Indonesia.

8 travel smart without going broke

8 travel smart without going broke 8-travel-smart-without-going-broke

when you spend money on travel, you'll come home richer. True in theory in practice though, it can easily make you broke. Let's travel samrt without going broke

The followinf is 8 travel smart without going broke;

1. Book tickets anonymously

Online sites know that you're visiting them regularly and will automatically increase their prices. Clear your cache before you commit. Also, don't add your frequent flyer number to your purchases until after you've bought them

2. Share with others

use services like Airbnb ( short-term apartment rentals ), couchsurfing ( lodging with locals ) and eatwith ( dining in homes with others ). You 'll get a true respresentations of the place you're visiting and also pay a lot less

3. Be Social

The beat way to get great travel deals is by using the social media to search, interact, and act fast.

8 useful travel websites you need to know

8 useful travel websites you probably didn't know about   8-useful-travel-websites-you-need-to-know

As the world gets smaller so to fit the palm of your hand, here are eight very useful travel websites that you probably didn't know about.
Enjoy your journey !!

The following is 8 useful travel websites you need to know ;

1. Triptease

Browse user provided itineraries while the site's built in search engine searches for the best rates and opportunities for your trip in website triptease


surf website homestay for unique and personal accommodation options focusing on connecting like minded travelers with local hosts in their home.

3.Seat 61

Seat 61 is an excellent way to find alternative transportation . If you'd rather take boats, trains and busses than planes, look no further. Just plug in your start and points at website seat 61 to see what router and methods are available to you.